Diaz Lan

Rogue Trader, captain of the Horizon's Pride


Diaz Lan is a Rogue Trader and the Captain of the Horizon’s Pride. He serves as liaison between the Deathwatch and the Achilus Crusade.


Diaz Lan seeks the Battle-Brothers’ aid with the uncooperative Aurans. If the Space Marines cannot convince the natives to trust the Imperium, they can at least seek out and purge whatever foe the planet hides. Lan transports the Kill-team on his ship, where they may contend with secrets and sabotage before reaching the planet.

Diaz is a member of the Lan Rogue Trader Dynasty, which sent many vessels through with the Achilus Crusade. A far better diplomat than the Crusade’s busy Lord Militant, Diaz Lan was nominated to the position of Crusade liaison, and is often the voice of requests from the Crusade and Lord Militant Tetrarchus himself.

Diaz Lan

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