WS 37
BS 39
S 38
T 49
AG 43
Int 49
Per 40
WP 37
Fel 45

Wounds: 23
Fate Points: 3

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Skills: Tech Use
Cleanse and Purify (enemy -20 Ag to dodge against my flame weapons)


Name: Krak’atoa
Chapter: Salamander
Specialty: Tactical Marine – Flamer
Chapter Demeanour: The Promethean Cult
Demeanour: Stoic
Armour History: Battle Scar – Trophy of Battle – Splinter shards from fighting Dark Eldar (5 BS to hit DE)
Past Event: The Burning Walk
Chapter Trapping: Promethean Sigils – Tools of the Forge (
3 for Tech use tests)
Experienced Foes: Dark Eldar, Necrons


Deathwatch - A Fragile Alliance Diceroller