Ogur Takhi

White Scar Apothecary


Player: Tyrone
Chapter: White Scars
Specialty: Apothecary
Rank: 1
WS: 46 BS: 35 S: 41 T: 46 Ag: 50 Int: 49 Per: 46 WP: 48 Fel: 38
Extra skills (non starting) : Ciphers (int) – Xenos Markings [trained], Medicae (int) [trained], Survival (int) [trained], Chem-Use (int) [trained]
Wounds: 22
Fate: 5
Extra talents & traits: Create Toxins, Resistance (Poisons)
Solomode ability: Swift as the wind
Weapons/equipment: Bolter with fire selector, Bolt pistol, Combat knife, 3 frag & 3 krak grenades
Gear: Savage Totem (+2 WS when charging), Reductor, Narthecium, Repair cement, big lizard monster, genestealer hybrid tissue samples, Diablodon tooth necklace

(updates: +10 int, +5 WS & agility & perception, Chem-Use trained)


Name: Ogur Takhi
Past event: The Hunt
Personal demeanor: Determined (sorta like Ambitious from the main rule book, but in a more hunter/tracker sense. I’m making it up)
Power armour history: Last Survivor

Ogur Takhi

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