Brother Sarlock, Techmarine of the Iron Hands


Name: Sarlock
Chapter: Iron Hands
Past Event: Clash of Vengeance
Chapter Demeanour: Iron and Hate
Personal Demeanour: Taciturn
Specialty: Tech-Marine
Rank: 1
Power Armour History: Mk7 Destroyed and Rebuilt

Solo Mode Abilities:

- Suffer No Weakness (Passive)
— Rank 1: 1/combat, gain Hatred ( +20 WS) + Damage bonus equal to half unmodified Int bonus ( +2) vs a single selected enemy.

- Burst of Speed (Active)
— Rank 1: 1/session, +2 to Ag bonus for number of rounds equal to rank.

- Feat of Strength (Active)
— Rank 1: 1/game day, +1 level to Unnatural Strength for number of rounds equal to rank.

Additional Skills:

- Tech Use +10
- Speak Language: Techna-Lingua

Additional Talents & Traits:

- Mechanicus Implants ( +20 vs airborne toxins and gas weapons, voice synthesiser, various)
- Electro-Graft Use ( +10 to Common Lore, Inquiry and Tech-Use when connected to data ports)
- Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm)
- The Flesh is Weak/Machine 1 (No need to breathe, immune to vacuum/extreme cold/mind-influencing psychic effects, AP applicable vs fire damage, +1 AP to all locations)


39 | 47 | 40 | 49 | 33 | 41 | 39 | 44 | 42

Wounds: 20

Fate Points: 3

Movement: 3/6/9/18


- Exceptional Bionic Hand ( +10 to fine manipulation tests only)
- Common Servo-Arm
- Common Auger-Array (Functions as a hand-held auspex { +20 to awareness tests, Tech-Use test to detect other things}, activated with a half action and concentration)
- Astartes Boltgun w Fire-selector
- Astartes Boltpistol
- Astartes Combat Knife
- Frag Grenades x3
- Krak Grenades x3
- Repair Cement

(More updates upcoming)


(Just a short summary for now, to be expanded later)

- Personally an Astartes of few words, much given to personal introspection.
- Received Techmarine training on Mars.
- Was involved in fighting in the Acheros Salient (Cellebos Warzone) prior to assignment to Deathwatch.
- Clashed with Emperor’s Children Legionnaires on Vanity, multiple confirmed kills.
- Required additional bionic reconstruction from severe wounds taken, significant armor damage suffered (rolled badly in both stats AND armour), rehabilitation ongoing.
- Selected for Deathwatch assignment in recognition of valor.


Deathwatch - A Fragile Alliance No_33