Before the Crusade’s arrival, Kar’thir was a prospering centre of art and commerce under the rule of Baron Taeg. Now, it has seen better days. The population has slowly atrophied from sickness and emigration. The Baron, the most visible member of Karlack’s nobility after the Prince moved to his new office inside Citadel Primaris, was executed for supporting rebellion several years ago—an Imperial verdict many natives question. With its last advocate gone, the city is a desolate, grimy jumble of half-finished construction, abandoned feudal shops, and the roaring machines of progress. A large majority of the settlement’s denizens are Karlack’s natives, still eking out a living in the diminishing city.

The Cenotaph of Achilus

This monolith looms in the heart of Kar’thir, Karlack’s largest city. This towering black monument entombs the Crusade’s first Lord Militant, Tiber Achilus. Built upon the ruins of an ancient Imperial temple, it has become the spiritual heart of the Crusade in many regards—with all the curses and commendations that entails.

The Cenotaph was anticipated to become a popular pilgrimage for the newly devout of the Jericho Reach. However, when the Crusade did not progress as smoothly as its leaders had hoped, they quickly abandoned their efforts to modernise Kar’thir in order to funnel resources into the salients. The remains of their grand ambitions now crumble, neglected.

Taeg Manor

Baron Taeg’s ancestral home slowly crumbles in one quarter of Kar’thir.

Foreigner’s Triangle

The first Imperials to settle in Kar’thir occupied apartments bordered by three main thoroughfares. As more prospecting traders and visiting Crusade officials gathered in this district, it took on its nickname with the natives. The first wave of improvements to the city’s rudimentary infrastructure began here. A few blocks of finished modern buildings stand alone in the epicentre of the abandoned renovation efforts. A jagged ring of desolate skeletal structures and demolished lots radiates out from the triangle.

The Unfinished Basilica

On the outside, this incomplete Administratum building appears little different from the other lonely skeletons around it. The framework stops at six stories, with no more than crossbeams laid on any floor. The eroding edifices still wait for statuary and the arched windows remain open holes.

The Obsidian Pavilion

The original centre of Kar’thir was razed (along with many buildings) to accommodate the Cenotaph. Even though no sign remains of the dark stone tiles that gave the square its name, it maintains the title of “Obsidian Pavilion,” and still serves as the central function area of the city. The activity now clusters around the steps up to the towering monument. The western side of the plaza holds freshly built stocks and a gallows. The stocks are crowded with transgressors against the Imperial Creed. The rest of the pavilion holds a scattering of visitors and locals. The off-worlders are primarily dignitaries and merchants making a show of piety.


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