Morgan Trippetta

Brother Trippetta, Raven Guard (Deathwatch) Assault Marine


Morgan Trippetta
Raven Guard
Chapter Demeanour: Son of Night
Personal Demeanour: Calculating
Past Event: Survivor

WS 53 (plus 10 from gauntlets = 63)
BS 35
S 50 (plus Unnatural Strength x2, plus 20 for power armour = stat 70 and bonus +12)
Toughness 42 (x2 for Unnatural Toughness = 82)
Agility 64 (plus 10 for Corvus armour = 74)
Int 40
Per 42
WP 43
Fel 36

Wounds 21
Fate 5

Move: half 6, full 12, charge 18, run 36 (8/16/24/48 with armour bonuses, double for jump pack)

Bolt pistol (pistol, 2d10+5 X, Pen 5, range 30, ROF S/3/-, clip 14, rld full)
Combat knife (melee, 1d10+2+12, type R, pen 2)
Chainsword (melee, 1d10+3+12, type R, pen 4, balanced, tearing)
3x frag grenade
3x krak grenade

Armour: Corvus (armour 8/9) with Gauntlets of Xirion (AP 7 hands, +10 WS, +5 Fellowship with those loyal to the Imperium) and Unknown Provenance: roll d5 at start of mission. 1=plus 5BS, 2=plus 5WS, 3=plus 5S, 4=plus 10 Pinning, 5=-10Ag.

Other gear:
Helmet picter (Chapter trapping)
Jump pack
Repair cement

Favoured requisition options:
Blind grenade 10 req
Nova grenade 15 req
Breaching augur 18 req (2d10+11 Pen 7, Tearing, Unwieldy, Power Field, double damage on Righteous Fury dice)
Photon flash grenade 5 req
Flamer 10 req (range 20, 2d10+2 E flame, clip 6)
Fire selector 2
Bolt pistol ammo: hellfire 13, kraken 3, metal storm 8, stalker 3
Astartes harness 4 (+30 Climb checks)
Screamer 5
Stummer 5
Melta bomb 12

50-point loadout: Blind, nova, augur, stummer, 2 points spare.

140-point loadout: Breaching augur 18, stummer 5, blind grenades 10, nova grenades 15, concussion grenades 18, cryo grenades 18, cameleoline cloak 20, Astartes assault shotgun 7, fire selector 2, slug rounds 4, 23 points spare?

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (hearing, sight plus 10)
Killing Strike: when making All-Out melee, can spend Fate point to make immune to dodge/parry.
Nerves of Steel: reroll failed WP tests for Pinning
Quick Draw
Resistance (psychic powers) plus 10
True Grit: 1/2 results from Critical Damage
Unarmed Master: 1d10 and St bonus
Unnatural Strength, Toughness (x2)

Swift Attack: can make 2 attacks as Full Action.
Master of Shadows: Solo Mode: can reroll failed Conceal, Shadow, Silent Move
Wrathful Descent: Squad Mode: +1d10 magnitude damage to Horde on melee charge
Guerilla Training: ignore armour penalties to Concealment/Silent Move.
Deathwatch Training: auto confirm Righteous Fury on aliens.

Improved skills: Pilot (personal) Trained, Silent Move +20. Corvus armour gives plus 15 to Awareness.
Advances: 10 to WS, S, and Ag

Experienced foes: Tyranids, Orks.

XP earned: 12k+1k starting, 2200 missions = 15200
XP spent: 400 Guerilla Training, 700 each on St, WS, Ag improvements, 600 for Silent Move +20. Total: 3100.
XP unspent: 100.


Morgan Trippetta was born on a hive-world. Orphaned at a young age, he grew up in an undercity gang. He was small for his age, but fast and light on his feet, good at getting around through crawlspaces and ducts unnoticed even when other hive-rats started disappearing.

When he was eight years old, the Inquisition detected a Genestealer cult operating deep in the undercity. A Raven Guard detachment was brought in to purge the infestation, leaving the locals trapped between two opposing forces with their normal food supplies cut off. Morgan was caught pilfering from a Raven Guard supply point, having slipped past their sentries; when confronted he attacked an armoured Marine twice his height with a knife. Although he was quickly subdued, the Raven Guard selected him for recruitment.

He passed through the normal training and implant process, and spent two years as a scout. Although his marksmanship was nothing spectacular, his talents for stealth and close combat were shown in several engagements with Orks. He rotated through Devastator and Tactical squads, but it was clear that he was better suited for a role as an Assault Marine, with a knack for ambush tactics.

In his most recent mission with the Raven Guard, his squad was sent in as part of a Thunderhawk drop to assault an Ork command base. However, the Thunderhawk was shot down before it reached the drop point, and the survivors had to leap from the wreckage. Instead of dropping on top of the battery, they landed two miles away in clear terrain; the Orks tracked them all the way down, and the detachment was obliterated by heavy artillery as they hit the ground. Trippetta was the only survivor; he took cover in a deep crater, then waited for the patrol who would inevitably be sent to search the site.

When they arrived, he triggered a bouquet of blind grenades, covering the area in impenetrable smoke. In the confusion he killed several Ork Boyz, then made his exit just as the artillery opened up again and shredded the rest of the patrol. He spent the next two days working his way towards the encampment, then slipped in during the night and planted a melta-bomb under the biggest and most impressive of the Ork Trukks. Two days later when the Orks attempted to move out, the bomb detonated and vapourised most of their leadership; by that time Trippetta was long gone.

His captain had been requested to second a promising Assault Marine to the Deathwatch, and since Trippetta was temporarily without a squad, he was the obvious choice.

Morgan Trippetta

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