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Deathwatch – ‘A Fragile Alliance’

‘A Fragile Alliance’ is a Deathwatch campaign. This wiki will store all information relevant to the campaign:

Dramatis Personae

The team has been assembled. Let the names of the Imperium’s heroes never be forgot:

Hrolfgar, Space Wolf Runepriest
Morgan Trippetta, Raven Guard Assault Marine
Ogur Takhi, White Scar Apothecary
Thorhammer, Space Wolf Long Fang
Guylot, Salamander Techmarine

Relevant resources

A summary of information that you have gathered during your second mission can be found here.

Future sessions

All sessions will be listed on the Calendar tab.

Previous sessions

All previous sessions have been recorded by Trippetta in the Adventure log.

Archived resources

If you wish to peruse information from your previous mission, you may do so here.

Main Page

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